Your business success depends on many factors, but the way you manage your client/customer database is critical. It allows you to track and understand current customer behavior, as well as to grow effectively and efficiently. As your business grows, an effective customer relations management (CRM) system can give you a tremendous boost toward your goals.

1. More Effective Customer Communication

With a robust CRM system, you can effectively track your customers' needs, as well as your communications with them. You know what they have ordered, what needs they have, and what patterns emerge in your relationship with them, so you can direct communication accordingly.

2. Stronger Sales

Keeping on top of your customers' needs and wants allows you to be more responsive to automate regular orders and generally deliver more sales from each customer.

3. Better Data Security

A strong CRM system maintains sensitive customer data safely in encrypted, cloud-based servers. Instead of trying to maintain everything you have on-site, you can work with data security experts in your CRM system and focus on doing what you do best.

4. Faster Decision Making

Having more of the right data on hand and available means you can prioritize and make decisions more quickly. This allows stronger decisions and more work accomplished every day.

5. More Efficient Sales Process

When you track customer communications and needs, you save time that you might otherwise spend asking the same questions and repeating information. Get to the heart of what they need, and your sales process becomes much more efficient.

6. More Customer Satisfaction

The flip side is that when you do more in less time, your customers appreciate it. Happy customers buy more from you.

7. More Valuable Leads

The less cold calling you have to do, the better your sales performance becomes. Use a strong CRM system to direct and focus your sales team.

8. More Effective Reporting

Your CRM system does more than direct you. When you run reports through a filter of robust, accurate data, you get the reports you need to build your relationships and your business.

9. More Reliable Forecasting

Too often, forecasting involves guesswork and hope. A strong CRM system delivers the information you need to forecast accurately, and to plan accordingly.

10. Better Profit Margins

All of these benefits come down to ways to get more from your time and your business development costs. The less muddling you have to build into your process, the stronger your profit margins become.

The right CRM system is about more than just organizing your customer information. When you collect and apply the right data to your business development and customer management processes, you give yourself the opportunity to develop more revenue and better margins. Invest in the right tools to help your business reach its potential.

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Murray MacGillivray
AVP, Strategic Partnerships
Murray has over 20 years of experience in indirect sales channels and merchant services. He enjoys the fast-paced payment processing industry for the opportunity it provides to the entrepreneurial spirit.

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