Payment Solutions

Mobile and In-app Payments

Taking payments above and beyond

Enable convenient, fast payment processing on the go, from any place

Help merchants untangle themselves from desktop point of sale devices. Our mobile payment solutions enable convenient, fast payment processing on the go.

Enable virtually every type of payment clients need — from in-app solutions and mobile wallets to tap and pay.

In-app Payments

In-app checkout that drives growth.

Support all popular mobile wallets including Google Pay™️ and Apple Pay™️ and deliver on what your customers want: an easy in-app payment experience.

Take advantage of amazing features designed to remove payment barriers and boost conversions.

Robust security and reliability
Powerful revenue driver
No technical integration required

Mobile POS

Transforms your mobile device into a payment terminal.

Our hand-held mobile devices support Chip & PIN, Chip & Sign and magnetic stripe payment technologies.

Connect with smartphones and tablets using a choice of Bluetooth or audio jack. Certified to accept both contact and contactless payments.

Accepts Chip and Magstripe cards (EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certified)
Supports all types of digital wallets and contactless payments
Easy-to-use APIs and SDKs facilitate quick integration of payments
Robust security and PTS-P2PE compliant SRED technology

Tablet and Cloud-based Payment Solutions

Access beautiful hardware, software and apps for a truly connected transaction experience.

Integrate into major POS systems, including eHopper, NCR Aloha, Micros and Dinerware. Capitalize on modern features like NFC payments, EMV compliance, and pay-at-the-table capabilities.

Simple to use and integrate with many peripherals
EMV, MagStripe and NFC for Apple Pay and Google Pay
Ability to view reports, refunds and settle from smartphone app
Multiple apps for loyalty, inventory management, invoicing and more
Transact anywhere with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity

Wireless Point-of-sale Terminals

Offering compact, reliable wireless mobility to the point of sale.

Restaurateurs can offer pay-at-the-table solutions with our short-range Bluetooth terminals. And cellular long-range solutions are perfect for taxis, fast food delivery and anyone else looking for flawless network coverage.

Next generation, innovative POS hardware and software
Features multiple wireless connectivity options – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G
Long-life battery – in most cases, a single charge can deliver up to several days of use
NFC and mobile wallet compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay
Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for unparalleled data security

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