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At Nuvei, we love Referral Partners. In fact, we built an entire network to better serve them. It’s what we do. We provide a supportive environment where individuals and professionals can expand their business opportunities, and provide programs that enable them to earn more every day.


Joining is free and quick. No merchant industry or sales experience required. 

From individual job seekers to college grads and students looking for a part-time or full-time income opportunity, we take you under our wing so you can begin generating revenue quickly. If you're currently employed or operating a business, you can still earn on the side.

  • It's simple: receive a large upfront bonus whenever a new client activates
  • We do the selling and closing, you just make the introduction
  • There's no limit to how much you can earn
  • Enjoy personalized assistance and business support
  • No complicated rules, no red tape and no hassles
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Professionals with an existing book of business can easily generate additional revenue. 

Offer payment processing as a value added service. Simply refer us merchants already working with you and receive a lucrative, upfront bonus when they activate. We handle the entire signup process. Perfect for accountants, business advisers, commercial real estate agents and more.

  • Upfront payouts with unlimited earning potential
  • No monthly minimums, no long-term commitments
  • Choose to expand your opportunities to earn more, when you're ready
  • The more clients you refer monthly, the greater the bonus level
  • Marketing resources and tools to generate maximum referrals
  • Coach-based business support with personalized assistance
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Associations and Franchisors

We provide numerous benefits to your valued members, enabling you to generate an additional line of revenue. 

Along with advanced payment products and technologies, we offer significant cost savings on merchant processing, plus other incentives. We answer any questions from your members and sign them up.

  • Maximize growth potential with a scalable revenue share
  • Competitive pricing plans for your members, including a free rate analysis
  • Transparent, detailed monthly revenue reports, viewable online
  • No caps or limits on monthly payments; the more you refer, the more you earn
  • Trade show participation assistance and sponsorship at industry events
  • Co-sales and co-marketing activities to generate maximum results
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We mold ourselves to your business realities and provide you with tailored solutions you can make your own. We support you with the payment and merchant services you need to succeed and thrive in this business.
  • Automated, Rapid Underwriting
  • Frictionless Merchant Onboarding
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Month-to-month Agreements
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Marketing & Business Tools
  • Surcharging Program
  • Express Merchant Funding
  • American Express OptBlue®
  • Strategic Accounts Program
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Processing
  • ISO Branding & Registration
  • Sub-Agent Program
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