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Stand out from the competition and offer the best possible support to your merchants. From the get-go, you’ll notice that we do things differently. We make things happen. We have specialized support teams that are expertly trained to quickly address and solve merchant-facing issues – paving the way to great partnerships.

Client Care & Loyalty

Help merchants spend less time managing complex electronic payments and more time running their business. 

To ensure a superior customer experience, our Client Care and Loyalty teams are highly trained to quickly respond to and resolve merchant-facing issues.

  • Experienced, North American based client care teams
  • Second Level support managed by Special Operations
  • Merchant satisfaction surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS) program
  • Proactive retention strategies through portfolio scoring
  • Loyalty Department dedicated to maintaining low attrition levels
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24/7 Technical Support

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to support merchants, day or night. 

In addition to our high performance, reliable processing network, we provide access to a 24/7/365 Technical Support team. Through a consultative approach, they determine issues affecting clients and offer rapid, effective resolution.

  • Inbound support, technical and operational, by email or phone
  • Level 2 Technical Support group for escalations
  • Essential hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Assistance with settling batches and overall reporting
  • Fast support for damaged or broken equipment
  • Assistance with feature changes or other day-to-day activities
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VIP Relationship Management

High value merchants with unique needs often require service levels beyond traditional support. 

Experienced Merchant Relationship Managers handle these VIP accounts to build and maintain ever lasting business relationships.

  • Delivers training and orientation for new products or services
  • Provides meaningful data to ensure processing optimization
  • Communicates industry-related trends and card brand information
  • Reviews merchant interchange qualification levels
  • Helps reduce exposure to risk and unnecessary processing costs
  • Reduces attrition of VIP accounts to record low numbers
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Chargeback and Risk Management

Ensure unsurpassed fraud reduction, loss prevention and adherence to industry regulations. 

Nuvei provides effective chargeback and risk management solutions, including a powerful suite of risk monitoring tools and dedicated staff.

  • Helps to reduce fraud, protecting merchants and preventing losses
  • Ensures that Nuvei and its Partners comply with industry regulations
  • Suite of risk monitoring tools including a robust PCI ToolKit
  • Expert assistance in the event of a data breach incident
  • Support with Vulnerability Scanning, SAQ and Data Incident Management
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propelling you further.

As a network created to better serve each and every one of our Partners, we deliver the best payment support in the industry. How? We focus on what matters: responsiveness, flexibility, attentiveness, and accountability. We have specialized support teams that are expertly trained to provide you with the best service available, so you can grow your business faster.
  • Full-stack omni-channel payment processing
  • Proprietary front-end with direct card brand connectivity
  • Optimized payments with vertical-specific solutions
  • Reliable and flexible clearing and settlement operations
  • Automated transaction security monitoring and risk management
  • End-to-end settlement with next day and express funding
  • Real-time data warehouse for instant, accurate reporting
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