How to Leverage Technology in Your 2021 Business Development Strategy

Businesses in 2020 have been adopting technological solutions rapidly. Because COVID-19 has impacted in-person activities so powerfully, they have had no choice but to adapt. As the year turns, the needs that drive technological applications for business development show no signs of slowing. Start acting now to leverage your technology to grow your business to the next level.

Focus Your Leads Better

Low quality leads have always frustrated sales teams. Today, it is more important than ever to get the most from the leads you pursue. Technological solutions now use AI and enhanced data analysis to help you identify not only companies that use products like yours, but also companies most likely to work with products and services like yours. By building in stronger screening processes and tools, you give your sales team a tremendous head start in the process. You will never get it perfect, but you can greatly improve your efficiency and the strength of each lead you pursue.

Enhance Data Security

With more information collected and processed, you need to invest in data security measures that keep up. This means not only antivirus and antimalware, but nightly backups and steady scans of your network as well. Bad actors and competitors alike will have an interest in the data you collect and store, so you need to take active steps to encrypt, move, block off, and safely store it. This may mean cloud or off-site storage solutions as well as active hardware and software protection schemes.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Defensive strategies matter. To grow, though, you need to focus time and energy on offense too. As the pandemic has raged, many of your potential customers, and much of the world, have built out social media platforms to connect. After all, in-person visits that everyone took for granted only a year ago now feel like luxuries of a bygone era. With more people than ever active online, this presents a golden opportunity for you to reach newer, broader audiences. And with social media, you can bring those customers to you, rather than sending your teams to find them.

Use Video More

Finally, with face-to-face visits still not available all the time, your business should be investing in video technology. Seeing visual cues should not fall from your sales team's toolkit just because they are not sharing a room with potential customers. Make sure you have high-resolution equipment and high-speed connections to avoid missing any opportunity to read sales leads.

Technology's role in your business development efforts will only grow more important in 2021. Make sure you are investing in the tools your team needs to help you succeed.

How to Leverage Technology in Your 2021 Business Development Strategy

About the Author

Christine Poliquin, VP, Partner Development Group

Christine started with Nuvei in sales in 2005 and has since held many roles, including sales, recruiting and relationship management. She combines her infectious personality, patience and meticulous planning skills to cultivate strategic partnerships and recruit top-notch talent.‍

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