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5 Ways ISOs & Merchant Account Resellers Can Maximize Sales During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the daily lives of most by placing them in self-isolation. But what does this mean for the everyday face-to-face salesperson? And more specifically, how can payment industry ISOs and merchant resellers keep their sales active during this coronavirus situation?

We are currently in the throes of the novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19. For many, the pandemic has affected their daily lives by placing them in self-isolation, resorting to alternate means for daily tasks such as shopping, communicating with colleagues and loved ones, or doing business in general.

The CDC publishes a daily tracker of COVID-19 cases in the United States and around the world. As of March 20, total cases in the U.S. topped 15,000. Many shops, including restaurants and retailers, have reduced their hours or shut down storefront operations. Many have shifted their eCommerce presence, taking advantage of a boost in online shopping since consumers are now stuck indoors.

But what does this mean for the everyday face-to-face salesperson? And more specifically, how can payment industry ISOs and merchant resellers keep their sales active during this coronavirus situation? By comparison, during the Spanish Flu of 1918, salespeople had no other choice but to stay home. Thankfully, in the 21st century, independent sales organizations, merchant level sales professionals, and the average salesperson have options.

In this article, we’ll reveal 5 ways salespeople can reach their sales targets during the coronavirus pandemic, even if they’re stuck at home for weeks.

1. Prioritize Sales Leads Over Everything Else

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the air. Will people stop buying? Will you be able to sell? Well, regardless of consumer behavior now, the fact is the coronavirus will eventually be a thing of the past and people will get back to normal life.

Yes, you should focus on the sale. But more importantly, you should be generating leads. Even if people aren’t ready close the deal immediately, generating a healthy pipeline of leads will help your chances of future sales when everything is back to normal.

You should begin leveraging online lead generation tools in order to build up a solid, steady pipeline of clientele.

Nuvei is proactively supporting the industry by offering dedicated resources to ramp up its Lead Wheel program. This program, which is proprietary to Nuvei, leverages a unique database and multiple ad networks to generate a steady stream of qualified merchant leads at a low cost. This valuable add-on is available exclusively to our Partners.

2. Get Comfortable with Modern Telesales Techniques

Trying to reach your sales targets without meeting prospects and customers face to face is going to be a challenge. In order to meet your numbers, you’ll need to get comfortable with video conferencing, Facetiming, emailing and texting your customers.

Generating sales starts with a firm foundation of trust, and the ability to talk face-to-face with your leads is crucial to closing deals. Thankfully, face-to-face sales are still possible in 2020 since you have a smartphone.

3. Leverage Digital Marketing Tools

As a sales professional, you know getting your prospects to visualize your product in action is crucial to generating sales. However, during the coronavirus, you won’t be able to get that shiny new terminal into their hands for them to try.

Instead, take advantage of digital marketing tools to visually demonstrate your products to your prospects. Send a PDF by email. Text them a photo of the product. Share a quick video of you using the product from your smartphone.

Nuvei Partners also have access to a robust resource center within their Partner Dashboard. It includes a wide range of sales materials, specific to the product or service merchants desire. What’s more, a dedicated Business Development team is standing by to address any collateral needs, providing Partners with the exact resources required to seize any opportunity.

4. Ease Your Clients’ Frustrations with Proactive Solutions

If you want to ensure your sales keep flowing, come up with solutions that make it easy for your customers to get through difficult times. Things are changing daily because of the coronavirus. From work-from-home initiatives to unfortunate layoffs, and even slower supply chains. One of the most frustrating speed bumps customers are facing right now is the inability to stop by the shop to speak to someone or check out products in person.

For instance, help retailers who have had to shut their store down to open an online shop, or create a way to sell their goods online or by phone using a Virtual Terminal. A Virtual Terminal is a simple solution for merchants who wish to manually key in order by phone, then deliver their goods.

For merchants who want to avoid handling cash and the potential infection that may arise from it, an option is to promote the use of contactless payments to avoid coronavirus. If they have antiquated terminals, it’s an opportunity to benefit from both newfound public perception of cash and to provide modern features such as NFC contactless card acceptance, plus mobile wallet compatibility such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

This virus is creating a whole whirlwind of friction points in the sales process for every industry. The more friction points you can eliminate through creative problem solving, the more sales you’ll make.

5. Manage Your Sales Team with the Latest Technology

How will you meet with your sales team when you’re all self-isolating?

While most sales teams are struggling to communicate and stay on the same page during quarantines, you can come out ahead by utilizing the latest team management technology.

  • Use Skype, Zoom, or Facetime to host a team meeting through a video conference app.
  • Use Slack or Teams as a virtual dashboard that organizes video calls, chat groups, and file storage solutions among your remote team.

One of the most challenging aspects of remote work is communication. Remember, it’s best for your team to communicate often, set clear expectations, and keep track of activities, rather than leaving everyone in the dark during the challenging transition to remote work.

Adapt & Evolve Through COVID-19

While most salespeople are scratching their heads during this challenging time, you can, in fact, get ahead. By following these guidelines, you’ll increase the odds of not only surviving a coronavirus sales dip, but you’ll set yourself up to thrive in the future.

Even though many people are looking at this uninvited time at home as a setback, you should be looking at it as an opportunity to pivot as a salesperson. If you can figure out a way to generate sales from your home, how much more versatile and indispensable will you be to your merchant clients?

By mastering the new rules of engagement using remote technology and virtual sales tactics, you’ll come out of this coronavirus with the ability to turn any dry spell into an abundance in the coming years.

In Uncertain or Challenging Times, We Are Here for You

Nuvei realizes the impact that COVID-19 is having on businesses. It may already be impacting your ability to sign new accounts. Our Business Development team is ready to assist with your immediate and long-term sales and marketing needs.

To discuss your options, click here:

We are here to support your business, always.

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