What Are Tablet POS Software Solutions & How Can You Benefit Using It as an ISV?

Technology creates new options and opportunities every day, in every industry. Retail is no exception. Businesses today are moving away from big, clunky, standalone cash registers in favor of POS solutions that are more convenient and connected. Customers and businesses benefit from these options—so there is no reason ISVs should not take advantage as well. Providing software for tablet POS solutions will make you more competitive and more marketable by making life easier for your clients.

What Tablet POS Software Does

Enterprise POS systems are designed to integrate payment processing with a company's accounting, payroll, inventory, and bookkeeping processes. They help process revenue and give you a full snapshot of your financial situation, as well as robust reporting and flexibility to respond to where you are.

As an ISV, you can work to make these solutions easier for your customers. Tablet-based software applications take the enterprise POS system off of the mainframes and registers, letting your clients access everything they need at their fingertips. You can provide options to take contactless payments, run accounting reports, and manage inventory levels from one screen.

Improve Cost Structure

One immediate benefit your clients receive comes with the cost. Traditional POS registers are large, bulky, and expensive. They demand high up-front investment for equipment and extensive training for employees. Every one of these costs comes before a client can use the hardware and software to generate a cent of revenue.

Tablet POS systems, in contrast, come at very low costs relative to larger systems. Even better, it is difficult to find an employee today who is not comfortable using a touchscreen device. The devices operate intuitively, reducing training and set-up time to a minimum. You just charge the devices, show the software to employees, and get started.

Integration of Your Systems

As simple and small as the tablet POS systems have become, they give at least as much power as a large register and mainframe. You can create an app that connects all your accounting and management systems, with simple navigation between and among them. Your clients gain simplicity and peace of mind because they can understand and easily use the tablet-based systems.

For an ISV, the power of integrated payment software yields even more opportunities. Tablets generate computing power that rivals today's laptops and smartphones. Almost any business software you might create can run on a tablet. Building in tablet-based payment software not only makes your product more marketable but gives you an additional revenue stream long after you have sold the software itself. It gives you paths to growth, and lets you help your clients grow in the process.

What Are Tablet POS Software Solutions & How Can You Benefit Using It as an ISV?

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