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Top 7 Habits of a Highly Successful Technology Partner

Finding a successful technology partner can help your business reach new heights.

A technology partner does more than just provide a software product or a suite of tools. Like any other business relationship, it comes down to people working together to make each party more effective. When you invest in a partnership with a technology provider, look for one that exemplifies certain traits.

By uniting payment technology and consulting, Nuvei can provide both the intelligence and technology businesses need to succeed locally and globally, propelling them further, faster. Below are some of the key ways we make this happen.

1. Long-Term Vision

You can purchase a product, app or software from just about anyone. If that is all you want from a partner, you miss out on a wealth of opportunities. Partnerships work best when both parties seek success, not just in the moment, but over time. A technology partner's long-term vision allows you to achieve more.

At Nuvei, we are passionate about creating and implementing opportunities that drive growth for our merchants, partners, and ourselves. This allows us to reinvest in further fueling our collective growth. Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, our long-term vision creates an environment in which our partners can truly thrive.

2. Communication

Partners need to communicate clearly and frequently. When you enter a partnership, make sure you are comfortable with the method, manner, and frequency of communication. You should never feel like your questions are unwelcome or unanswered.

One of Nuvei's core values is being transparent. We communicate internally and externally with honesty and respect; we share ideas and concepts, working together to meet the expectations of our merchants and partners.

3. Teamwork

Neither side of a partnership should do all the giving. You can both thrive if you work together to find solutions and deliver the best of each partner's expertise. A great technology partner marries its solution to the problems you face, delivering business benefits for both of you. Nuvei exemplifies this spirit of teamwork. Thanks to our individual and collective ability to build and nurture relationships with our partners, our capacity for client care and responsiveness is second to none.

4. Flexibility

Like any good marriage, both you and your technology partner need to be flexible. A one-size-fits-all approach seldom works outside of the theoretical. When real-world issues arise, the best technology partners adapt. Look for a partner willing to adjust to whatever comes up for your partnership.

At Nuvei, one of our core mantras is that technology alone can no longer meet the needs of businesses. Businesses are looking for partners, both strategic and technological. This is more important today than ever; businesses need true partners that can adapt to the changing landscape of not only their industry, but ultimately the local and global economic landscape.

5. Investment

Successful technology partners do not stop growing and developing. Whether building a stronger infrastructure or offering new tools to battle emerging security or competitive threats, your technology partner should be able to demonstrate a commitment beyond the moment you sign on.

Nuvei has made numerous investments into our partners’ success. These include commitment of time and mentorship, to financial commitments with the aim of creating a winning environment and building long-term synergies to maximize results.

6. Stability and Growth

That approach to investment will be most relevant in technology partners who have been active for years. A fledgling tech startup can be exciting, but you need to know they will be around to grow with you. Look for a partner with staying power, one who has spent time working in your world. A proven track record should give you peace of mind as you move forward.

We have demonstrated expertise in everything payments-related for nearly two decades. We deliver unified commerce solutions and expertise to help you capture every payment opportunity that comes your way.

7. Versatility

Versatility does not come from only doing one thing very well. Your technology partner should be able to use and provide a variety of tools to help you succeed. Make sure you are working with a versatile and creative partner to help give you the best chance for success.

We work with merchants, Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs), eCommerce platforms, software & app developers, value added resellers, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), associations and more. We support them with the technology, expertise, and customer service they need to stand out, backed by our full-service, globally connected platform.

The Bottom Line

Any partnership comes down to building a level of trust and comfort in your partner: in their skill set and their ability to apply those skills to meet the needs you and your customers have. Take the time to look into your technology partner's ability and track record before you decide to work together.

If you are seeking a payment technology partnership that will help take your business to the next level, I would love to hear from you. I welcome the chance to collaborate one-on-one or through our deeply skilled team.

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