How ISVs Can Leverage Payment Referral Partners to Unlock New Revenue Streams

ISVs generate income primarily through sales and customer service packages. If you can open additional revenue streams, your margins and profitability per customer soar. This is where a payment referral partnership with Nuvei can help. Our partnership program creates new opportunities that can help you grow more quickly and efficiently. In doing so, it gives you access to revenue from fees you generate through payment processing, a revenue stream that continues with every purchase your clients generate, long after you sell your software solutions.

Offer Competitive Pricing

When you offer payment processing with your software solutions, price matters. A partnership with an experienced payment partner like Nuvei gives you a competitive pricing option for you to offer your customers. You'll work with a provider that understands the industry well and can create not only an add-on but a value-add.

Marketing Resources

Offering an additional service to your typical software package can be tricky for your sales team. It often requires learning a new tech area and industry language. Nuvei offers marketing materials and resources to help you explain and sell the payment solution as part of your software solution. This, combined with the product itself, helps you connect your customers to a payment solution they need, and you to the revenue they can generate for you.

Mutual Referrals

Beyond the tools you need to demonstrate value for your customers, Nuvei will both complete the underwriting for the customers you bring in and help generate leads for you to find new potential customers. This referral system is a partnership that lets you not only offer new value to your current customers but reach new customers who can benefit both from your platform and our payment systems. In the end, you gain customers and revenues for your ISV business.

Unlimited Potential

Throughout the referral program, you retain control over the revenue you can generate. Nuvei offers month-to-month referral agreements, so you do not need to be locked into a long-term deal. At the same time, you face neither monthly minimums nor caps on what you can earn through our program. You can obtain and pursue leads that scale with your needs and your capacity. In short, you write your own ticket to the opportunities available and the revenues you can create for your business.

Any business partnership you create should deliver benefits for you and your partners. The payment processing referral program through Nuvei does just this and opens additional revenue streams that can continue and grow well after your initial sale. In the end, you create value for yourself and for your end customers.

How ISVs Can Leverage Payment Referral Partners to Unlock New Revenue Streams

About the Author

Murray MacGillivray, AVP, Strategic Partnerships

Murray has over 20 years of experience in indirect sales channels and merchant services. He enjoys the fast-paced payment processing industry for the opportunity it provides to the entrepreneurial spirit.

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