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How ISVs Can Capitalize on an Added Revenue Stream with Nuvei's Referral Partnership Program

Mo Abdulai
AVP, Partnership Acquisitions

As an integrated software vendor, you want to maximize the value of every sale you make. Partnering with Nuvei helps you do this by creating a potential additional revenue stream for every client you refer. We can help you boost your revenue quickly, efficiently, and powerfully. Working with us unlocks new channels and new cash flow for your ISV business.

Upfront Payments

In many business partnerships, you must wait to see the financial rewards accumulate. Nuvei's ISV Referral Partnership Program does not work that way. As soon as we sign a client you refer, we provide an upfront payment for you. There is no limit to the number of clients you can refer, so you can potentially boost your business coffers for every client you have.

Revenue Sharing and Residuals

Upfront payments represent only the tip of the iceberg. When we collect payment processing fees through your software, you share in those revenues. After all, they are using your software and our processing capabilities, so we work as partners in the truest sense. You will earn residual revenue for every processed transaction originating from a client using our platform. Instead of earning a licensing fee and then looking for the next revenue source, this can stay with you.

Resources, Tools, and Coaching

Payment processing is likely not your area of expertise. This can make selling the service a challenge for you. Fortunately, you don't have to become an expert before we can work together. Our team will provide you with all the information and resources you need to bring in referrals and build our tools into your software offerings.

Even better, so long as you can make the introduction, we will manage the sale itself and help connect your clients to our service and sales teams. All you need to do is bring in clients, whether current people using your software or new clients who can benefit from a payment processing capability, and we handle the rest.

Limitless Potential

Nuvei will not put limits on your referrals, and in fact, offers a scaled revenue model for you. The more clients you refer, the more you make—both in total and per client referred. Your only limits come with your time and your willingness to refer more; we will not cap the revenue you can generate through the program.

Your user base benefits from your industry expertise and software engineering skills. With Nuvei's ISV Referral Partnership Program, you can now benefit from our expertise as well. You will connect your clients to an additional service they need and benefit your own bottom line at the same time. If you are ready to expand your business revenue, contact your Nuvei representative to learn how.

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Mo Abdulai
AVP, Partnership Acquisitions
Associated with Nuvei for over 17 years, Mo is an experienced industry expert with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is responsible for the new acquisition of partners within the ISV, VAR and ISO space.

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