5 Tips on Choosing the Best Tablet Point of Sale (POS) Solution

For many small businesses, a traditional point of sale system can seem cumbersome. It takes up space, requires a significant upfront investment, and creates challenges before you get started. A tablet POS can eliminate many of these concerns—if you choose wisely. Consider these five factors to select the right tablet POS for you.

1. Ease of Use

This should be a gateway question for anyone considering a tablet POS system. A tablet-based system should run on a system you and your staff can run without a heavy training ramp-up. The more quickly you learn, the more quickly you can process sales and create satisfied customers. Purchase a system that lets you get yourself up and running quickly.

2. Processing Power

At the same time, you need to ensure your system has some power behind it. This is not a tablet you use to play games and read ebooks; it is the electronic center of most of your business accounting functions. The tablet POS needs to be able to process transactional data quickly, from receiving payments to tracking and updating inventory. Compare options on the market to ensure your system can handle your business—both as it currently operates and as it will become if you hit or exceed your growth goals.

3. Specialization

Some tablet POS systems are designed not for the entire retail world, but with a particular industry in mind. Every industry has unique needs, whether they involve specific regulatory requirements or product categorization. If you can get a system that is set up out of the box for your niche, you can avoid some of the growing pains that customization can bring.

4. App Availability

On the other hand, you do not just function as a piece of an industry. Your business, and your business strategy, are uniquely yours. For this reason, you should look for a tablet POS system that gives you the ability to bring on apps that fit your approach and your company's needs. This can include checking for what is available for that system as well as for the operating system you will use. If you have software in place, there should be apps that let you connect to them.

5. Integration

In any POS system, integrating your different business functions is key. You may need to use apps designed to run the software you have, or a suite of tools that let you connect inventory, sales, accounting, invoicing, and the rest of your accounting functions together. The best tablet POS system operates not as a mere credit card processor, but a hub for all your activity.

Getting the right POS system is a key decision for every business. These tips should help you get not only a great system, but one that will work well for you.

5 Tips on Choosing the Best Tablet Point of Sale (POS) Solution

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