5 Reasons Why a Semi-Integrated Payment Solution Is Beneficial for Your Business

Traditional payment processing uses a fully integrated process to take payments from customers. This sounds and feels positive, but full integration can cause problems with both efficiency and security. Consider switching to a semi-integrated payment solution to protect yourself and your customers more effectively.

1. Better Security

A fully integrated payment system involves several communication steps for each payment you process. It moves from your point of sale register to an electronic cash register system, then communicates out to financial institutions for you and the cardholder. Each of these steps represents a moment in which data theft can occur. By limiting the communication to the terminal and the transaction processor, you cut down on the opportunity for a thief to intervene.

2. Built-In Compliance

When you purchase a semi-integrated system, the hardware and processes are already certified for EVA and PCI-SSA compliance. Instead of working through that process on your own, or hiring experts to walk you through it, you gain peace of mind without the stresses of compliance certifications. Every step becomes simpler for your business.

3. Easier Startup

A semi-integrated system essentially functions as plug-and-play for your business. You save time and effort in setting up your system, letting you get started much more quickly. You also avoid some of the PCI compliance issues that you have to address with an electronic cash register connection, which creates significant savings in up-front costs and time you have to expend with a fully integrated option. Transition costs drop down significantly for you.

4. Efficiency

Beyond the security concerns, you lose time with full integration. A fully integrated system might take several seconds longer to go through. This may not seem like much, but over the course of a busy day, you can frustrate your customers and lose the opportunity to complete several transactions. Time really is money in the payment processing world, and every delay comes with a cost.

5. Flexibility

Semi-integrated transactions cut out the electronic cash register from the process. If you need to update your systems, whether to accommodate your business growth or to add new capabilities to keep up with processing trends, a fully integrated system requires you to update the electronic cash register as well. The semi-integrated option lets you move more nimbly into your company's future.

A fully-integrated payment system was once the norm. Today, semi-integrated systems can simplify your launch, and protect you and your customers better. Not only do you not need a system that sends information everywhere, but you generally shouldn't want one. For security and efficiency in your business processes, look to a semi-integrated payment system.

5 Reasons Why a Semi-Integrated Payment Solution Is Beneficial for Your Business

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Gigi Beyene, SVP, US Partners

With Nuvei since 2007, as an expert in strategic channel development and partnership management, Gigi’s collaborative techniques and leadership have helped ISOs both launch and grow successful merchant portfolios.

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