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10 Ways Nuvei Helps Your Canadian eCommerce Business Thrive!

Bridget Kenny
VP, Canadian Partners

Picking the right partner is always important in life, especially when it comes to something as vital as payment processing for your eCommerce business. You aren't an average person, so why would you settle for a run-of-the-mill financial technology partner? Nuvei is your partner for the long haul. We're behind you all the way, providing the technology, expertise, stability and support that you rely on to make your online business a success.

As the payment technology partner of thriving brands, we're more than just a service or a platform; we're a life-long business partner, handling all your transaction needs and paving the way for success far into the future.

ECommerce has exploded in Canada in 2020; online sales reached CA$39.3 billion in May 2020, an increase of 99.3% from February 2020, according to StatsCan. With this boom, choosing an erroneous payment processing partner can cost you money. The right partner can help you strengthen your cost structure, your merchant portfolio, and your bottom line. Nuvei partners with businesses like yours to ensure you get the most revenue from each transaction, and the most value from your business.

Source: Statistics Canada, Monthly Retail Trade Survey; "The impact of the pandemic on the downtown areas of Canada’s six major cities", Page 29, Report by PWC

Reason 1: Your Security is Key

As you're aware, every business that processes online, from Amazon to your local brick-and-mortar shops, are required to be PCI Compliant. PCI Compliance can be a complex and daunting issue for most businesses, filled with arcane rules and regulations. Failing even one area of compliance can leave your company open to complete financial liability in the case of fraud or theft. 

Nuvei specializes in PCI Compliance issues and acts as a shield protecting you from fraud, data leaks, and more. Why expose yourself to unnecessary risk? Business is hard enough without the superfluous stress generated by constantly battling an uphill battle against hackers and criminals. With Nuvei, your money isn't just safe. It's guaranteed safe.

As you know, PCI compliance is mandatory. Nuvei's deep payment processing expertise focuses first on maintaining your compliance with PCI standards. Every transaction receives the encryption and protection you need to keep your business and your customers safe.

Here are just a few of the ways we can keep your business safe and make sure you remain compliant with PCI Guidelines:

  • Reduce chargebacks by identifying and flagging risky orders.
  • Highly configurable with over 200 combinations and parameters.
  • Respond to new fraud trends as they come online, automatically.
  • Set rules whether to accept, reject or manually review transactions.
  • Matches IP address to region, BIN to country, high-risk IPs, and proxies.

We also protect your business against fraud with our Identity Manager, while onboarding customers quickly and easily. Keep up to date with the latest regulatory compliance requirements worldwide. Our eKYC and document verification checks help you comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations while meeting identity management requirements.

Reason 2: Full-interface API Integration

A lot of people ask us how easy it is to integrate their existing website or eCommerce solution into Nuvei's payment gateway. And the answer is: "It couldn't be any easier".  We plug right into your existing framework, smoothly, quickly, and problem-free.

At Nuvei, we love developers. In fact, we built an entire network to better serve them. It’s what we do. We provide a supportive environment where they can truly thrive, alongside developer-friendly solutions to make payment integration, testing, and customization simple and profitable.

We know that a processing system only helps you if you can integrate it into your system. We use broadly applicable technology and work with the specifics of your eCommerce system to ensure payments flow cleanly and efficiently. Save the headaches and move quickly to generating eCommerce revenue. Nuvei provides documentation, ideas, and support to guide the integration process, driving feature-rich, scalable, and secure payment acceptance. A sandbox environment offers developers everything they need to accelerate software development. They can easily customize, test new functionality, and gain certification of their payment solution prior to launch. Also available are partner enablement tools including APIs for frictionless merchant onboarding, account management, reporting, and other transactional activities.

3. Personalized Support

The world of payment processing has changed. Technology alone can no longer meet the needs of businesses. Businesses are looking for partners, both strategic and technological. Nuvei does not do cookie-cutter solutions. We work with each client to ensure they have the support required to not only succeed but thrive in today’s economy. And to help them capture every payment opportunity that comes their way.

4. 24/7/365 Technical Support

You can't always control when you need support. Nuvei's experienced and reliable technical support team is available around the clock, every day of the year. You need a partner you can count on, all the time. Whenever the need arises, we are here for you. After all, attentiveness and support are what we do best, with the goal of promoting and advancing each of our clients’ success. We are driven by their growth.

5. Amazing Checkout Experience

If you sell in different places, you shouldn't have the same checkout for all of them. Nuvei's localized checkout service adjusts to the language, currency, and payment methods favored wherever you sell. This protects your sales from confusion or frustration-based cart abandonment.

Nuvei’s flexible integration options allow merchants to easily use our hosted payment page to get up and running quickly, or customize the checkout experience via full XML integration!

6. Industry Expertise

Nuvei brings expertise beyond just payments. We have industry-specific experience and expertise that we will bring to your organization. Personalized service means we direct the people who understand your business best to your account, saving time and directing our service approach to what you need.

7. Robust Reporting

You should never count on assurances alone. Nuvei offers a robust reporting tool to not only tell you your revenues but also identify gaps and potential for additional revenue. We give you the information to get the most revenue and profit out of everything you do.

Nuvei’s enhanced Merchant Dashboard now includes new features that enable merchants to operate more efficiently and keeps them satisfied to reduce attrition.

This makes it even easier for merchants to access their payment information and manage their account data anytime, anywhere. It helps them to stay on top of their business’s daily activities and securely view reports online, through one unified portal.

8. Maximum Uptime

You can't sell when the system is down. Nuvei achieves over 99.99% uptime for our systems. With service around the clock and a stable, reliable platform, you can rest assured that your eCommerce option is always open for business. With our industry-leading up time and virtually unlimited scalability, merchants can expect to always be on—with the power to process even peak-volume events with 10x traffic- while still ensuring the utmost security.

9. Transparent Rates

Too many payment partners bury their fees or maintain overly complicated fee structures. Nuvei shows you exactly how your fees work and what you can expect to pay. Our simple report system is clear and easy to understand, allowing you to see your revenue at a glance, and see exactly how it affects your bottom line.

10. More Efficient Revenue

Your payment partner should work with you to bring more revenue and more profit to your business. Nuvei will help you optimize costs, understand fees, and generate more revenue with better margins.

Processing partners come in all shapes and sizes. Nuvei works to do not only what is best for us, but best for you and our partnership. Reach us today to learn how we can help you grow.

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Bridget Kenny
VP, Canadian Partners
Bridget heads up Nuvei's Canadian partner channel. With over a decade of payment processing and merchant services experience, she has been instrumental to the growth and continued success of the company's ISO and agent partnerships.

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