What Is Autofill Functionality and How You Can Benefit From It As a B2B Merchant?

You know your business customers are busy. Like you, they move quickly among priorities and need to be able to act quickly on the demands of their day. Anything you can do to make their lives more efficient will help them, and therefore, help you make more sales. This is where autofill can help. It is the process that automatically populates payment and identification information into their ordering screen. If you implement this process, you can increase your sales and keep your customers happy.

Save Time for Your Customers

The most immediate change your customers will see when you enable autofill is saved time. Instead of having to enter names, addresses, and payment information into the system, they can autogenerate that information for repeat orders. This gives them several minutes of time back from each transaction versus what they have to spend without it.

For you, that time pays you back twofold. Not only does the customer have the ability to send more orders in a day, but the convenience of the process makes it more likely that the company will continue to work with you for its business needs. Each of these factors gives you the opportunity to increase your sales and generate more revenue.

Reduce Errors and Chargebacks

Besides saving time, of course, autofill reduces the chance of errors in the entry process. Every keystroke, particularly from a busy procurement department, presents an opportunity for error. If a person is typing in data for every order, he or she will eventually make a mistake. Autofill makes it easier and more convenient for your customers, but also makes your orders more accurate. Every error increases the chance of an order not going through or of you facing chargebacks on those orders. Autofill thus protects you and the customer from payment problems in the moment or down the line.

Protect Data Securely

The primary pushback you may get from your business customers comes from a data security perspective. Any time you store business financial information, you need to be sure your system protects what you store. This means making sure your system encrypts data, and you build in redundant security measures that meet or exceed all the relevant security standards: PCI DSS, GDRP and ISO. Any failings there will more than offset the benefits that autofill processes deliver.

If you do business-to-business commerce, a secure autofill process will greatly enhance your revenue potential. Work with a processing provider who can deliver not only the tools you need but the support and protection you need to help protect yourself and your customers.

What Is Autofill Functionality and How You Can Benefit From It As a B2B Merchant?

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