Transform Your Sales Process With This Powerful Lead Generation Program

When you sell payment processing services, you should be able to count on more than just a product. You should look for a true partner in the industry. In this regard, partnering with Nuvei gives you numerous advantages over our competitors. One comes in the form of our lead generation tool: Lead Wheel. We provide what your independent sales organization needs to get leads you can convert into the sales you need to grow.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Your baseline for making sales comes from your leads. Lead Wheel uses artificial intelligence to identify the best leads for you, based on customer profiles and the niche markets that best match up with your business. The search does not stay static but instead updates constantly to keep up with both your sales business and the changing market around you. This allows you not only to get a high volume of leads, but the right kinds of leads to give you the best chance at conversions.

Access the Right People

The right leads only get you so far if you do not connect to the right people. Nuvei's Lead Wheel connects you to key decision-makers within the leads it generates. You can reach not only the correct people in organizations in your region but those nationwide who fit the profile for your best potential customers. You will reach directly to those who can act on your sales pitch.

Sort for the Best Leads Now

Your flow of leads has the potential to become unwieldy. Our Lead Wheel helps you push through the clutter by letting you sort your leads based on language, geography, or business vertical. It lets you find timely leads for where your business is, or divide the leads effectively among your sales team. Instead of fumbling through the process, you can direct your sales strategy through your team.

Scale to Fit Your Needs

Finally, lead generation should never operate as a one size fits all proposition. The Lead Wheel gives you a stream of leads that fits your team. As you grow, it adjusts the flow to meet your changing and emerging needs. You have the ability to push yourself without drowning yourself, adjusting to let your team develop over time.

Your independent sales organization depends on strong sales agents and a good suite of products and services to sell. No matter how good your team and your products, though, you have to generate leads to reach your peak potential. Nuvei's Lead Wheel will keep your team busy with enough of the right leads to keep your sales growing.

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Transform Your Sales Process With This Powerful Lead Generation Program

About the Author

Tonya Skinner, AVP, Partner Acquisitions

Tonya is an ETA, CPP-certified payments professional with over 10 years of industry experience. Her deep understanding of sales at the partner, bank and merchant levels, along with a personal desire to help others meet their goals, has helped launch many successful careers.

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