Top 10 Things Digital Shoppers Expect From Your Online Store

ECommerce opens doors to revenue and profits far beyond what a brick-and-mortar store can achieve. Even so, competing everywhere means you face competition from all over the globe. To set yourself apart, make sure your online store delivers what your customers now expect.

1. Fast Delivery

When customers order online, they expect to receive their goods quickly. Digital goods should arrive almost immediately, and you should at least have delivery options to get physical goods to their destination within a day or two.

2. Easy Checkout

No one likes to navigate a complicated site to make a purchase. You should have links to and from your shopping cart available from every page. Do not force a customer to jump through hoops at checkout.

3. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence comes in many forms. A basic chatbot function lets your customers ask questions that help guide their shopping experience. It provides interaction without requiring a phone bank.

4. Product Information

When your customers shop online, they expect to be able to understand what they are buying. At the very least, this should include pictures or informational videos, with a product description to help the customer know what he or she is getting.

5. Augmented Reality

Today, businesses can give online and mobile users the feeling of walking through a store or experiencing a product. This virtual or augmented reality gives people a sense of shopping for or trying a product in person. This can set your shopping experience apart.

6. Digital Interaction

Most customers do not want to talk on the phone, especially if it means navigating a labyrinth to get to a live person. Providing digital options like live chat and email communication both  lets people help themselves on your site and frees up resources for when they need a live person.

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7. Mobile Shopping

A majority of eCommerce now occurs through smartphones. You need to optimize your site to not only allow people to view your site on a phone screen but make purchases as easily as they could on a laptop or desktop device.

8. Voice Optimization

Mobile shopping today means more than just functioning on a smaller screen. Home assistants like Google Home and digital smartphone assistants like Siri allow people to do more all the time just by speaking. Optimizing your online store for voice can give you a boost.

9. Payment Security

No one wants to feel like their finances are at risk when they shop. Make sure your payment processing is secure and point out the security you provide on your site.

10. More Payment Options

People pay in more ways today than ever before. Identify the payment options people prefer in the markets that matter to you and make sure you can take those kinds of payments through your site.

Having an online store creates broad opportunities for you. To take advantage, you need to deliver what your customers expect. Make sure your site is up to code to get the most from your eCommerce strategy.

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Top 10 Things Digital Shoppers Expect From Your Online Store

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