Top 10 Network Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Direct Selling Business Growth

Growing any direct selling business relies on reaching and connecting with more customers. Today, the key to success lies not in traditional home parties but on network marketing. To get the most from your direct selling business, start with these 10 tips.

1. Think Bigger

Direct selling success does not come by focusing on friends and family. Unless your friends can sustain your sales at a level that keeps your business growing over time, you can't depend on them for success. Market your business to a broader audience, and keep looking.

2. Offer Something

A free sample or discounted offer gives you a foot in the door with potential customers. If you offer something to bring people in, it gives you a chance to convince them to stay, buy, and help fuel your growth.

3. Nurture Your Network

If your direct sales business depends on building a network selling under you, the worst thing you can do is recruit and abandon. Work with the people under you to help them improve as salespeople and businesspeople. That time investment can pay off exponentially.

4. Listen to People

When you interact with people on social media, you can learn what matters to them. Take the time to listen, ask questions, and discover what they really want. It lets them know you care and gives you insights that can help you.

5. Give Solutions

When you know what people need, it gives you a chance to take the next step. You aren't just selling a product or service; you are selling a solution to a problem. Deliver marketing that answers people's needs.

6. Understand the Social Medium

How you market depends in part on your social media platform. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram all work differently. Pay attention to what persuades people on each platform and focus your marketing accordingly.

7. Use Emails

Today, email marketing feels almost quaint. Still, it gives you a chance to reach people directly, rather than trying to help them find you. Create personalized marketing and deliver it in ways that speak directly to your customers.

8. Be You

The other side of personalization is you. Why should people buy from you and not someone else selling similar products and services? The secret ingredient in any direct selling campaign is you. Be your unique, quirky self.

9. Build Partnerships

To build your reach, work with partners. You can cross-market with someone who sells a related product or service. It helps both of you and lets you reach more people, more quickly.

10. Help People Purchase

Direct selling is more than finding people; you have to help them purchase. When you market, point your messaging to a checkout or purchase page. You can't grow sales unless the customer can buy.

Direct marketing provides a path to personal financial success—if you do it well. Your direct sales business relies on connecting to people and making them want to buy. These tips will help you get there.

Top 10 Network Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Direct Selling Business Growth

About the Author

Scott Fitzpatrick, AVP, Direct Selling & Integrated Payments

With over 17 years of Networking Marketing and Direct Sales experience, Scott has been a frequent speaker on payment solutions, startup advice and risk management issues. A long-time DSA member, he is a fixture on the Direct Selling and the MLM industry circuits.

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