The Changing Trends in Using Social Media as a Part of Your Marketing Plan

Social media platforms have become critical components of business marketing. But companies working to boost their profile on these platforms must be aware of the ever-evolving nature of social media and how it is used if they wish to take full advantage of this powerful marketing engine.

Keep It Professional

People are on to recent trends of sponsored content and invented news stories. They hate them. Instead of trying to trick people into viewing your content, be upfront about who you are and what you do. You are marketing to a world of skeptical people who want to be able to read something they can trust and work with genuine companies. Make sure you are using your platforms to deliver information that matters and aligns with branding that represents you. A LinkedIn presence that takes advantage of the professional profile of that platform helps. Don't undermine it with a Facebook or Twitter presence that gets away from who you are.

Personal Connections Matter

Even so, your professional existence needs to resonate with people. The beauty of social media for business marketing is that it lets you connect with people and their lives. You can do so by telling personal stories about how you work with and for your customers. Even more, use the platforms you have to interact with them. Thank your customers and clients, and encourage them to respond. Every interaction you make shows the world that you do more than just take money from people; you connect to them.

Stories and Groups Are Rising

Instagram and Facebook, in particular, have implemented a "stories" feature that people use more every day. They disappear after a day or so, giving a brief glimpse into people's day. As this trend grows, it gives you an opportunity to give your current and potential customers a more intimate feel for who you are and what you do. Think of this not as a standing piece of marketing copy so much as a look behind the curtain. Done well, it gives you a chance to let people see what you are really about.

Messaging Apps Can Help Business

Finally, more direct messaging apps exist now than ever. This is a key moment for you to push ahead of the business curve and use them to communicate directly with your customers. Build a messaging presence into your social media strategy to connect customer service availability to your marketing. When these functions show up together, it lets people know you truly are there for them and their needs.

The social media landscape changes constantly, so chasing trends can seem like a permanent game of catch-up. If you focus your strategy on the bigger picture of making real connections with real people, you will get it right.

The Changing Trends in Using Social Media as a Part of Your Marketing Plan

About the Author

Allan Lacoste, Partnership Group, North America

Allan is responsible for managing the overall growth of Nuvei’s North American sales and marketing teams. He is a 22-year fintech industry veteran who has owned and operated ISOs, as well as held leadership roles with Cardservice International, North American Bancard and Total Merchant Services.

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