Social Selling: Why Direct Selling on Social Media Is the New Normal

Direct selling continues to emerge as a powerful business model for many who want to operate their own business. As people look for the best path to sell effectively, the marriage of social media to direct selling has become effective. If you use it well, you can greatly improve your direct sales business.

Follow the Pandemic

In 2020, many states have been under some kind of stay-at-home order or advisory. This has more people than ever spending time at home and relying upon social media to stay connected to friends and family. While some of these restrictions are being lifted, the social media habits established during the pandemic's most stringent times will likely remain for some time. Direct sellers who want to take advantage of an attentive audience should look to build and expand their following and find potential customers.

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Understand Your Customers

People use social media every day to tell people in their networks about themselves. If you have a direct selling business, this gives you access to greater customer insights than almost any other market research you could perform. Use the connections you have and ask questions of an audience that is ready to tell you all about their interests and needs. You can then apply your knowledge to target the right people, with the right messaging, with a social media advertising campaign.

Encourage Immediacy

An additional advantage of direct selling through social media is the embedded encouragement to act immediately. Selling through a website allows for people to browse idly, and depends on additional calls to action and senses of urgency for you to drive sales. Social media moves quickly, and every post can serve as a call-to-action. Announce deals and opportunities on your social media account, and it will serve as an immediate call for your customers to buy.

Set Yourself Up for Success

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Of course, just having a social media presence is not enough. Use it to connect to people in ways that make them care. You need to provide not only an invitation to buy, but a way for your customers to do so. This means you need to use messaging to encourage direct action. Link directly to a purchase page, and make sure you have a payment processing solution in place to run secure payments for customers who reach you through your social media posts. The more you put in to your social media platforms, the more effectively you can sell.

Social media provides an important way for direct sellers to connect with customers. Make sure you build out a presence that allows you not only to nurture those connections, but turn them into immediate sales.

Social Selling: Why Direct Selling on Social Media Is the New Normal

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Dee Oldroyd, Vice President, Direct Sales & Network Marketing

Dee has over 20 years of specialized experience working with direct selling companies and affiliate marketers. He has built a reputation for developing global merchant solutions, incubating new partnerships, and building out channel programs in network marketing.

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