No Excuses: 7 Strategies for Keeping Super Fit Even When You're Busy

When it comes to staying in shape, it's easy to make excuses, especially when you're already busy with work and other responsibilities. Now is the time to ditch the excuses and get on top of your health with these seven easy strategies for fitting a workout into your busy schedule.

Make it Quick

Getting into shape doesn't require huge allotments of time so much as consistency. There are countless high-intensity workouts that only take 10-15 minutes out of your day. Don't worry if you don't have a full extra hour and a half in the day to give to working out. Every little bit counts.

Make it Easy

Another common excuse is that workout equipment is expensive or hard to come by. The truth is that there are plenty of workouts that are designed to only use your body weight or household objects! You can even find office chair workouts that require nothing more than your office chair and desk for a full-body experience.

Put it On the Calendar

You put everything else on your calendar, so why not add your workout as well? When you intentionally block out time for exercise, you are significantly more likely to follow through. In fact, if you sit down and look at your

You put everything else on your calendar, so why not add your workout as well?

calendar, you may discover that you have more time than you thought to work this into your day.

Drink Water

Busy schedules tend to demand more caffeine and sugar in our diets. Unfortunately, this habit is hurting more than helping. Drinking water throughout the day can create positive results even when you aren't working out heavily. It will reduce your calorie intake and help your body work more efficiently.

Sleep Well

If it comes down to going to the gym for a full hour or sleeping the right amount, sleep should always be your priority. While oversleeping can be counterproductive, chances are that your busy schedule is preventing you from getting the recommended hours of sleep that your body requires. If you can get in the sleep hours, you will find that even a short workout becomes more effective.

Join a Group

Accountability is a big challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of groups that you can join, either in person or online, to help you stay on track. Find a workout buddy, join a competitive team of some kind, or simply take part in support groups with others who are on the same path as you!

Don't Give Up!

Inevitably, something will come up and you will miss a day. You may even miss two days in a row. The important thing is that you pick up where you left off as soon as possible. Don't give up on getting healthy just because one day was too hectic.

These seven strategies are all it takes to make working out a priority no matter how crazy your daily schedule is. It doesn't take a huge commitment to get in shape. All it takes is a few small changes to your routine to start getting healthy in no time. A few minutes at home or at the office and trading that extra cup of coffee for water instead can really make all the difference.

No Excuses: 7 Strategies for Keeping Super Fit Even When You're Busy

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Shannon is responsible for Nuvei's North American eCommerce strategy and implementation. He heads up direct eCommerce sales, ISV-Payfac sales and card not present Partner channels.

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