How Your Merchants Can Maximize Their Profit Margins With This Social Media Monitoring Tool

Have you decided that you need to build out your social media presence? Congratulations! Unfortunately, all you have done is reach a point of entry into the possibilities that an active social media presence provides. To build out your profit margins, you need to not only exist on social media but monitor and maximize the impact of what you do. This is where social media monitoring can help lift your performance. The Business Coach monitoring tool can help you measure, expand, and monetize your social media presence.

Baseline Metrics

On the most basic level, social media monitoring measures what is happening in and around your social media accounts. Just like any business strategy, running a social media campaign does not only begin with showing up. You have to put in the work to build your accounts, and gather metrics to help you focus your efforts on the most effective paths.

Business Coach gives you a tool to examine direct engagements via likes, comments, and shares for your posts, and identify what gains the most traction for your potential customers. Beyond this, it looks at mentions of your content, whether directly through tags or conversation that mentions you without tagging. You gain insights into how the world is responding to you online.

Business Coach screenshots.

Understand and Adjust

If all you want to do is count mentions, every major social media platform gives you those metrics. Growth comes from a deeper analysis of the numbers. You should count on your social media monitoring to help you make sense of the data, to give you insights into why the numbers are moving where they are. Business Coach looks at what is happening within and beneath those engagements and helps you sharpen your focus to where you can build from social media to direct profits for your business.

Maximize Engagement

Knowing what is there serves only as a preliminary step. From there, you need to step up and respond. If you have complaints posted, you should be ready to address the issue—not only for the person complaining but for the benefit of everyone who might read that complaint. If you have customers singing your praises, you should engage to thank that customer and amplify his or her message. Engagement in this way lifts your profile and your customer loyalty, accentuating the path to improving your profit margin.

Whatever the size of your business, your most successful social media work will take you to a point that you simply cannot respond to every mention or comment on social media.  Business Coach helps you focus your engagement with your customers and others talking about you, directing responses, and helping expand your message in the process. To generate higher profits through your social media presence, implement Business Coach today. Learn more.

How Your Merchants Can Maximize Their Profit Margins With This Social Media Monitoring Tool

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Tonya is an ETA, CPP-certified payments professional with over 10 years of industry experience. Her deep understanding of sales at the partner, bank and merchant levels, along with a personal desire to help others meet their goals, has helped launch many successful careers.

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