How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform for Your eRetail Business

ECommerce has long been on a growth trajectory in the United States, as a strategy that lowers the cost of entry and allows you to extend your marketing reach to the entire world. In 2020, while overall retail has contracted, eMarketer reports that eCommerce is expected to grow 18% from the prior year.

While this growth represents opportunity, it also means greater competition in the eCommerce space. The right site can help make the difference between exciting growth and flailing in a suddenly huge pool of competitors. Scrutinize the following components carefully to help determine which eCommerce site is right for you.

Hosting Space

Depending on your resources and experience, you have a choice between self-hosting on local servers and building a cloud-hosted solution. For most businesses, operating in the cloud offers distinct advantages: it opens more capacity, flexible cost structure, and focused online security. In the process, it frees more of your people to focus on the business itself.

Customer Service Matters

You should be able to trust that your eCommerce site host has your back. Something will inevitably go awry. When every minute of downtime can cost you money, you need to count on your customer service team to keep you up and running and resolve errors quickly. Make sure you can be confident in getting the service you need.

Process Payments

Payment processing is perhaps the defining element of an eCommerce site. You need to be able to take payments in a variety of payment types, in all the currencies you may need to accept. Make sure you embed a payment processing solution that gives you a chance to thrive in your online sales environment.

Room to Grow

Your plans for your business likely do not involve staying in place. Your eCommerce site needs to be flexible enough to let you grow. This may include scaling server capacity, user licenses, or bandwidth to help you meet your needs—be it for seasonal ebbs and flows or a longer-term growth trajectory. Make sure your site doesn't sit when you need it to move.

Trial Run

When you enter the eCommerce world, it is hard to know what to expect before you see your site in action. Look for design and hosting providers who let you try your site out, whether with a free trial period or a mock-up to test before you go live. You shouldn't sign a long-term contract before you know what you are getting.

Your eCommerce success or failure often comes down to the right site and the right service. You can start with word of mouth, but ultimately, you need to ask the questions and see the functionality that fits you and your business. Take the time to look at your options and ensure you build out a solution not for the market at large, but for your business.

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How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform for Your eRetail Business

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