How Personalized Video Marketing Helps Drive More Sales

Online and email marketing present a powerful, inexpensive way to reach a broad group of potential customers quickly. Of course, the downside to this is that by now everyone is doing it. People get hundreds of emails every day, and usually don't have time to look at everything. So your challenge is to find a way to not only reach people's inboxes, but convert those contacts into sales. To cut through the other noise, personalized video marketing is a great asset. By giving your audience a personalized message, you can create a hook that helps pull in more interactions and conversions.

Cutting Through the Din

Video content in marketing campaigns is hardly new. In fact, most marketers use video to some extent. It brings content to life in a way that even the crispest prose doesn't achieve. Watching and listening brings not just the audience's mind to the experience, but the senses as well. And when someone views the content on video, it is harder to skim through than it is with words on the page.

With everyone using it, though, how do you make your own videos stand out? You can aim for silly or outrageous content, but that may alienate some of your audience. It aims for one segment at the expense of another. Instead, personalized video achieves what any blanket video cannot: it targets each person watching. It gives you a connection that helps lead to more sales.

Video Marketers

How Personalized Video Marketing Works

Creating a personalized video involves two critical steps. The first is to collect information about your intended recipients. Names of individuals or companies give you what you need to direct a video to and not just to a demographic, but to those actually viewing your content.

Once you have the information, you need the video itself. You can design marketing videos with sections where the personalized content is inserted. A viewer will not only see the message, but see and hear his or her name, or his or her company's name. Instead of feeling like part of a spam blast, the viewer gets to feel like a part of a conversation.

Follow Through

Making that connection is critical for engaging more customers. Like any marketing approach, though, it only opens doors. You still have to lead your customers through and deliver the best product and service you can. Personalized video marketing lets the customer know that he or she is important to you as an individual. If you can't give that person the service to show that, your marketing campaign will fall flat.

Anyone looking to build sales should consider personalized video marketing to expand your customer outreach. From there, your task is to show the customer that he or she matters not just for the campaign, but for your continued business support as well. Bring your customers in, and follow through with the close.

How Personalized Video Marketing Helps Drive More Sales

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