How New Technologies Drive the Direct Selling Industry

Direct selling has relied traditionally on meeting people face to face, selling with a handshake, and a smile. In today's world, that feels almost quaint. While technology changes the way we connect with others, though, it does not mean that we don't connect at all. In fact, new technologies can help you not only grow your direct selling business faster but also connect more fully to your customers and downline representatives.

Reach More People

A basic function of technology today is the ability to reach more people. An online presence lets you go beyond geographical limitations to help people anywhere in the world find you. Tools like social media, SEO content marketing, and email marketing help you do this in a targeted way. Search engine algorithms, social media groups and networking, and your individual approach can help you find people who are interested in you or your products.

By directing your online presence like this, technology lets you find far more customers and sales representatives than you could ever hope to achieve in person. Perhaps more importantly, it lets you communicate more easily. Gone are the days when you had to find the closest thing available to a mutually convenient time for as many as possible to meet at your home. Instead, you can connect through video conferencing to meet people wherever they are.

Understand People Better

When people come to you, an immediate problem enters the picture: you don't know what they really want. With face-to-face connections, you usually come in with a basic understanding of who someone is: a friend, a family member, a neighbor. Online connections might seem anonymous in comparison. What can you possibly know about someone from another city, state, or even country?

Fortunately, technology brings you a set of solutions here too. When you connect through social media or your website, you can ask questions and gather a great deal of data about the people you reach. Where an in-person interaction might start with you knowing someone's name, face, and family, much of what you know has little to do with your product. By leveraging analytic technology and online communications, you can know more about how your business might impact someone than a more traditional approach would ever allow.

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Connect People to Solutions

This leads you to the most important part of what you do. Direct selling is all about giving people a solution to a problem or need. When you reach and understand more people, you can then focus your technology on helping them understand why your product benefits them. Deliver content and focused advertising that not only converts ads into sales but helps you find your repeat customers and downline reps more effectively.

Connect People to Payments

With Nuvei’s proprietary gateway, direct sellers can provide their clients with local payment types, depending on where they are purchasing from. For example, a buyer in Brazil can pay using Boleto Bancário, in Sweden Klarna, and iDEAL in the Netherlands. It’s all about removing friction for the buyer.

Nuvei delivers 450 alternative payment methods in 150 currencies, allowing direct sellers to reach more clients, wherever they choose to do business. One simple integration with Nuvei’s platform allows direct sellers to enter new markets and introduce local payment methods and currencies to cross borders with ease.

Technology is changing direct sales forever. Instead of reducing what you can do, though, it can help you sell more, and more efficiently. Embrace the opportunities it provides and lift your sales to new heights.

How New Technologies Drive the Direct Selling Industry

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Dee has over 20 years of specialized experience working with direct selling companies and affiliate marketers. He has built a reputation for developing global merchant solutions, incubating new partnerships, and building out channel programs in network marketing.

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