How Mentoring Can Help Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and Agents Profit

Your independent sales organization is only as good as the professionals with whom you work. Great equipment and software help, and a strong business plan is a must. Until you have successful sales agents, though, it won't matter. For this, you need to train your team for success. Mentoring programs help you give the knowledge base your team needs, as well as the support they need to learn and grow in the field.

Retain Institutional Knowledge

One key benefit of a mentoring program is to help you keep hold of the knowledge team members have built. No matter what you put into your written materials, you will have gaps. An experienced professional learns to connect theory to practice, to work with the real clients and hone a skill set that works. A mentoring program creates a channel to help your newer sales agents learn from someone else's past, and grow more quickly into sales success.

Grow Instead of Starting Over

Every experienced, successful sales professional finds an approach that works, a way to fit ideas into the real world of sales. A mentor program keeps your new sales agents from having to start from scratch. It gives a boost to your organization by constantly lifting the floor of knowledge. Agents will gain the knowledge of their predecessors and fit it with their own gained experience, advancing your ISO's internal understanding over time. It gives you an ongoing program that lifts everyone to new levels.

Encourage New Professionals

For newer agents, particularly those moving from sales careers in other industries, knowledge is only the beginning. Change is hard. In a sales career where your success depends on commissions, pushing through early difficulties is equally challenging. A mentor gives tips for dealing with this financially but also provides support to those who need it most.

A Two-Way Street

One fantastic aspect of a mentorship program is that it benefits everyone involved. For the mentee, the benefits jump out right away. Learning from people who know more creates opportunity and helps set them up for earlier and greater success. Still, your new agents are not blank canvasses. Their own backgrounds and knowledge give them a starting point, one that more experienced team members can incorporate into what they do. Beyond this, working with a newer sales agent can help grow enthusiasm for people who may feel like their own careers have plateaued.

For your ISO, helping your sales agents creates your best path to growing your profits. It gives support to your agents, encouraging them to push forward and giving them the tools to make more sales. They earn more, stay longer, and bring in greater revenue for the organization. Mentor programs help everyone to succeed together.

Need a Mentor?

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How Mentoring Can Help Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and Agents Profit

About the Author

Bridget Kenny, VP, Canadian Partners

Bridget heads up Nuvei's Canadian partner channel. With over a decade of payment processing and merchant services experience, she has been instrumental to the growth and continued success of the company's ISO and agent partnerships.

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