How Businesses Can Leverage Digital Enablement to Power Their Growth

For your business to grow, you can't rely on the same approach with the same tools. To even keep up with your competitors, you need to build a strategy that takes advantage of available technology. A key element here is investing in digital capabilities and leveraging them for success. Use these tools intentionally to push your growth forward.

Expand Remote Payments

Among the many lessons the COVID-19 pandemic has provided is that relying on in-person, point-of-sale transactions can severely limit your business. Payment options today allow you to take payments online or through mobile apps, without a person having to step into a physical location. Whether you want to take payments from customers across town or across the globe, building out your remote payment options helps you reach them more effectively.

Improve Contactless Options

Digital payment technology also improves your options when customers are in person. Contactless payment technology lets customers pay without having to hand over cash or a card. In recent years, this has been something the younger generation of shoppers has come to expect. Today, though, that has become a matter not only of connecting to more tech-savvy customers but of customer safety as well. Growing your digital payment options gives you a chance to meet the expectations and needs of large portions of your customer base.

Measure Performance Better

The greater your digital capabilities, the more effectively you can track the sources of your successes. You can track what ads bring customers to your site and how often this converts into sales. Further, you can quickly identify the better-performing products or services that you offer. Because digital activities and transactions gather information on your customers' behavior, you can manage your business more efficiently and powerfully, leading to greater growth for your company as you build.

Simplify Collections

Making sales is a critical part of your business success, but too often, owners fail to plan for difficulties in the collections process. Here, too, leveraging your digital capabilities can make an enormous difference. Electronic invoices and payment processing can reduce the time significantly between when you issue and when you can collect on outstanding amounts. By automating the process, you save on labor costs as well. This reduces the kinks in your cash flow, making it easier to reinvest your revenue for improved growth.

The more you use the digital capabilities available to you, the more you can simplify all aspects of running your business. You build revenue and reduce timelines for payment, and thus give yourself more immediate access to your growth pathways. Build out and leverage your digital capabilities to supercharge your growth potential.

How Businesses Can Leverage Digital Enablement to Power Their Growth

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Gigi Beyene, SVP, US Partners

With Nuvei since 2007, as an expert in strategic channel development and partnership management, Gigi’s collaborative techniques and leadership have helped ISOs both launch and grow successful merchant portfolios.

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