How a Lead Generation and Management System Can Grow Your ISO Business

Your independent sales organization undoubtedly has processes in place for your sales agents to identify and develop leads. Is it enough, though? If you do not have a central system to generate and manage the leads you get, you may be letting growth opportunities slip away. An effective lead generation and management system can help you better track and develop your sales, giving you the chance to grow efficiently and effectively.

Free Up Internal Resources

One key advantage to a central lead generation and management system is that it automates some of the more mundane tasks. The best systems use market analytics to identify leads, and software processes to help you track development of those leads. This work can take a lot of time to do manually. Having a system in place frees your internal staff from many mundane tasks, letting them instead focus where people are required: pursuing leads and making person-to-person contact. Your sales force, instead of writing about leads, can focus on closing deals.

Align Leads to Your Business

Another key advantage to the best lead generation and management systems is that they let you align those processes to other elements of your business. If you connect your lead generation to your marketing efforts, for example, the two can feed off each other. You get market exposure to prime potential customers before you ever meet with them. You connect sales data to lead generation, and identify where you are most successful in converting your leads into sales. The more interconnected your lead generation and management can be with your bottom-line results, the more effectively you can grow.

Prioritize More Effectively

With manual processes, it can be difficult to sift through data points and identify the best targets for your sales team. A strong management system lets you identify not only the most lucrative opportunities, but those with the best likelihood to convert to sales. Your system should use analytics to cull through quickly and effectively, identifying where you have the most growth potential. When you direct your sales agents to these opportunities, you not only close more sales, but build more confidence within your team as well.

Keep It All Together

Finally, manual lead tracking leaves a great deal to chance. People get distracted easily. If a lead gets dropped, it can be hard to go back and pick it up again. The automated processes in a lead generation and management system keep undeveloped leads visible and on track. By automating the lead development tracking process, you help ensure nothing slips between the cracks.

Any process you use will only be effective when your team implements it well. Still, a lead generation and management system provides an important tool to help you grow as an ISO. Look for a system that fits your approach to work, and train your team to maximize its value for you.

How a Lead Generation and Management System Can Grow Your ISO Business

About the Author

Bridget Kenny, VP, Canadian Partners

Bridget heads up Nuvei's Canadian partner channel. With over a decade of payment processing and merchant services experience, she has been instrumental to the growth and continued success of the company's ISO and agent partnerships.

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