Discover Top 5 Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Business Development this National Technology Day

The only constant in the world of technology is change. If you chase every new technology fad, you will drive yourself crazy and never make any real progress. Still, failure to pursue the true trends that can affect your business puts you at a disadvantage when you have to try to catch up with your competitors. To stay competitive in your business development efforts, be sure to focus on the following technology trends.

1. Using Virtual and Augmented Reality

In an increasingly connected world, you have the ability to reach other businesses with a broader range than ever before. To do so, you need to be able to present in interesting ways from a distance. Virtual and augmented reality provide more than a dazzling technological show. They give you a way to put clients into an experience that once required physical attendance. You can use it to reach more people, more quickly.

2. The Growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Every organization has to find ways to deal with exploding volumes of data. In the world of business development, you have to manage not only your own but that of the businesses with which you work. With this glut of information, organizations need to turn to artificial intelligence to not only manage it but organize and keep on top of the movement. AI applications help you connect on a level that incorporates the available data to create compelling messages for your potential clients and partners.

3. Leveraging Cloud Technology

Just as you need to keep on top of growing data loads, you also need to manage the storage and retention of that data. Racks of on-site servers are expensive and inefficient for keeping what you need. Cloud storage and hosted environments give you a much more flexible option, in which you can maintain, expand, or contract your storage to meet current needs.

4. Focus on Security

With data storage comes higher responsibility for protecting it. If you are hosting client data, whether in a cloud environment or on-site, you need to reassure those clients that both your data and theirs are safe. Investing in cybersecurity measures helps deliver peace of mind and protect you as you broaden your technological business development efforts.

5. More Focus on Personal Relationships

With all of these technology focuses, it can be easy to lose sight of the enduring key to business development: the relationship. Build out the options you need to reach out, but in the end, you still need to make phone calls and meet people in person. Through all of your business development efforts, never forget the interpersonal skills that help you close deals and maintain relationships over time.

Discover Top 5 Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Business Development this National Technology Day

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Christine started with Nuvei in sales in 2005 and has since held many roles, including sales, recruiting and relationship management. She combines her infectious personality, patience and meticulous planning skills to cultivate strategic partnerships and recruit top-notch talent.‍

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