Brazil Remains the Leader in Latin American Direct Selling Market

Direct selling markets exist all over the world. This should not be surprising; people everywhere want the control and opportunity that direct selling provides. If you are looking to grow into Latin America, Brazil continues to provide the largest opportunity. The country is massive, and its population includes many hungry for what direct selling offers. Look for ways to enter this market to expand your operations.

Size Matters

In 2017, Brazil accounted for 6% of the global direct selling market, with its $11.9 billion in direct sales ranking sixth in the world. It is by far the largest country, with the largest population, in Latin America. Given the sheer numbers, it makes sense that this would be the largest market. Even more, Brazil has a great deal of room to grow beyond its current direct sales force. In an industry that depends on network marketing and social marketing, growing into this nation serves as an exciting opportunity.

Source: The Mastermind Event State of the Profession Report & LCA Consultores

Balanced Demographics

Brazil offers additional benefits that some other large markets do not offer. Traditionally, direct sales have relied on a mostly female, slightly older work force. Brazil provides much more balance: almost half of the sales force engaged in direct sales there are between 18 and 29 years old, and over 40% are male. The younger sales force there means more social media savvy and social marketing capability. The gender balance helps open more social circles for a greater reach into the purchasing population of the country. These demographics provide built-in advantages for your direct selling business, one that is ready made for you to grow quickly once you establish yourself there.

Planning for Brazilian Expansion

Like any international expansion, pushing into Brazil's market comes with some obstacles for you. One is language; while most of Latin America speaks Spanish, Brazilians speak Portuguese. In some ways, this makes Brazil an entry point with less natural ability to grow out into other Latin American countries. Beyond this, you need to be ready for the political and regulatory concerns in entering a new country, ensuring you have a plan to navigate the differences from where you usually operate. Finally, you need a payment platform that can work in the currencies and payment forms usually favored in Brazil, including a cash payment option called Boleto. While the majority there pay with credit cards, adapting to accept other methods is critical to giving yourself the best ability to succeed.

Brazil provides an important market for direct sales businesses to consider. If you do your homework and plan well, you have a tremendous opportunity to expand in a way that grows your business significantly.

Brazil Remains the Leader in Latin American Direct Selling Market

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