Benefits of Innovative Payment Solutions for Direct Selling

Direct selling provides an exciting income opportunity for many people who want to work for themselves instead of someone else. Still, you face challenges up front. You need to find customers, maintain inventory, and manage your cash flow, often on a limited starting budget. Getting started with the right payment processing partner can give you a huge boost in getting started.

Experience in the Industry

Setting up payment processing for your direct selling business does not always come easily. Some processors will not work with you or will charge exorbitant fees for you. This is meant to cover their risk, but it cuts deeply into the profits you can achieve for your business. The flexible experience of Nuvei gives you a partner with expertise in direct selling, willing and able to work with your business in a way that gives you the support you need.

Seamless Online Integration

A key element of direct selling success is reaching beyond your social group to sell. This demands an online presence, to bring more customers to you and allow them to buy from you online. The worst thing that can happen when you try to extend out to make new sales is having your payment system fail to mesh with your website. Nuvei offers seamless integration with all the major eCommerce systems, giving you confidence in your online sales platform. If something does go wrong, the dedicated technical support team is there to resolve any problems quickly for you and your customers.

Next-Day Funding

Taking payments, of course, is just one function of a complete payment processing solution. All too often, you have a wait between completion of sales and availability of your funds. In a small-budget direct selling business, this can create a cash flow problem while you wait. Nuvei's platform offers next-day funding on your sales, cutting down your wait time and giving you access to the cash as soon as you need it. It can make the difference between managing your business and achieving your goals through it.

Focused Security

None of these benefits will matter if you cannot protect your customers' data. Nuvei maintains PCI-compliant security for all of its clients and stands behind the protection it provides. You can focus on building your business and count on us to keep you and your customers safe from bad actors while you do so.

Your direct selling business represents an investment of time, money, and effort. The only way to achieve success in this industry is to put all of those into what you do. With that in mind, you should work with a payment partner with the experience and expertise in the direct selling market to help you on your path toward your goals. Nuvei's expertise and technological solutions will help you along that path.

Benefits of Innovative Payment Solutions for Direct Selling

About the Author

Scott Fitzpatrick, AVP, Direct Selling & Integrated Payments

With over 17 years of Networking Marketing and Direct Sales experience, Scott has been a frequent speaker on payment solutions, startup advice and risk management issues. A long-time DSA member, he is a fixture on the Direct Selling and the MLM industry circuits.

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