Attract New Customers to Your Direct Selling Business Using the Power of Social Selling

Direct sales grew in an era of living room visits among friends and neighbors. Today, though, social networking has built it into a worldwide opportunity. This creates the challenge of making connections in a much bigger world. Social selling works to help you cut through the noise and build a broad business—if you do it well. Your approach to social selling can make or break your direct sales business.

Establish Your Brand

Before you try to sell, your customers need to know who you are. For that to happen, you have to know who you are, and be able to communicate it to others. Take the time to decide the kind of business presence you want. From there, make sure your logo, your imagery, and your tone reflect that in all of your online spaces. Establish your brand before you expect people to purchase from you.

Make Goals for Yourself

Once you have a firm sense of who you are, you need to be sure of what you want. This does not mean something abstract like "success" or even "financial security." Rather, you should establish goals for what you want to achieve in a month, in three months, and in a year. This helps you do two things: it sets targets at which you can aim while you build, and it gives you motivation as for times you start to fall behind. Lay out your plans for yourself to boost yourself on your direct sales path.

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Build Your Connections

The "social" element of social selling comes first for a reason. You will see your potential customers identified at times as targets or in other sales-focused terms, but the difference this process can make comes through genuine connections you form with people. You should look to interact with people, get to know them, and build out a core group of contacts. Keep your brand and messaging on point, but to get loyal customers, you should look to understand them—and help them understand you too.

Create Content

Nothing helps put you out there quite as effectively as generating regular content. This may be focused on your business, your brand, or you as a person, depending on the approach you have decided to take. Whatever your personal sales approach, a steady flow of information can both strengthen your connections and encourage people to keep coming back. Plan out a content strategy and post regularly.

Close Sales

Through all the social, you still need to close your sales out. Make sure you connect your customers to a payment processing solution that allows you to complete sales smoothly. The less complicated you make this for them, the more effective your social selling becomes.

Your direct sales business can flourish through the power of social selling. Take the time to set up and approach it carefully; an intentional approach to your social sales strategy makes a tremendous difference in the levels of success you can reach.

Attract New Customers to Your Direct Selling Business Using the Power of Social Selling

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Dee Oldroyd, Vice President, Direct Sales & Network Marketing

Dee has over 20 years of specialized experience working with direct selling companies and affiliate marketers. He has built a reputation for developing global merchant solutions, incubating new partnerships, and building out channel programs in network marketing.

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