8 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Sales Strategy As an ISO or Agent

Working as an agent or managing an ISO requires hard work and focus. Still, finding ways to diversify your approach can open doors to new opportunities for you to thrive. Social media platforms boast enormous reach that can benefit your business—if you implement them strategically. These eight strategies can help you boost your performance quickly.

1. Target With Customer Files

Social media accounts give you the ability to focus outreach and advertising toward specific audiences. If you use your customer files to specify your audience, you deliver content to your current customers, with the opportunity to grow into their networks of associates and like-minded people.

2. Endorse on LinkedIn

Endorsing work associates can be a powerful tool for you. Not only are those you endorse likely to return the favor, but they bring you attention as someone who understands the business well enough to deliver endorsements. It turns into an advertising strategy that broadens your connections.

3. Build Your Network

Don't be afraid to connect to as many people as possible. Whatever the platform, this is how you reach a broader audience for your content. Connect to customers, friends, business partners, and anyone else who can benefit your business through the connections you make.

4. Post Often

If you don't create content, you lose out in two important ways. First, the algorithms that affect who view what will be less likely to elevate your posts for the followers you have. Second, people will be less likely to expect or look for information. The kinds of posts you create should reflect your brand strategy, but the volume should be consistent.

5. Interact Often

One of the great strengths of social media is your ability to interact with those following you. If someone comments on a post, respond. If you have a customer or associate you want to recognize, tag him or her. The more interactive your presence becomes, the deeper your connections and impact will be.

6. Follow Influencers

What are the accounts that most drive or reflect opinions in your industry? Who has a following that you envy? Find and connect to these people. It gives you the chance to gain recognition from similar audiences and grow your own presence accordingly.

7. Link to Your Site

If you create content through your own website, social media helps you amplify your own voice. Cross-pollinate across your online activity to build your audience more fully in multiple locations.

8. Advertise Events

When you attend conferences, achieve something, or participate in events large or small, let people know. It further demonstrates your expertise and gives you an additional way to connect to, and through, influencers.

Social media has grown well beyond cat videos and recipes. Your business stands to grow its voice and its stature through effective social media strategy. Grow your presence, and your business opportunities will follow.

8 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Sales Strategy As an ISO or Agent

About the Author

Gigi Beyene, SVP of Sales Channel Management

With Nuvei since 2007, as an expert in strategic channel development and partnership management, Gigi’s collaborative techniques and leadership have helped ISOs both launch and grow successful merchant portfolios.

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