8 Ways ISVs and VARs Can Benefit From the Right Payment Partnership

If you are an ISV or VAR, you understand the value of integrated payment processing in your applications. Still, running it yourself can be a nightmare, and not all partners will serve your needs. Finding the right processing partner can provide abundant advantages for you.

1. Stronger Security Protection

Your first question should concern security. The right payment partner will be PCI-compliant and place protection of your data—and your customers' data—as its highest priority. They will also protect you by helping take the risk of security failures off of your business.

2. Smoother Onboarding

Bringing on new clients requires patience. The process when you add in payment processing becomes even more cumbersome. An experienced payment partner will have an onboarding process that takes these headaches on itself, leaving you to manage the day-to-day functions you have already.

3. Faster Integration

Software integration requires both a tool built to work with yours and troubleshooting expertise to keep small problems from becoming large ones. A strong payment partner can help build its functionality into your software applications without you missing a beat.

4. Dedicated Client Support

However smooth the integration, some of your clients will need help with the payment processing functions you provide. This is where a processing partner with dedicated support personnel makes all the difference. They have expertise in their product and can help your customers solve their payment problems quickly.

5. Outside Customer Support

Of course, you will need help sometimes too. A fly-by-night payment partner may not have the staff or experience needed to solve your problems. The right partner will be ready to not only help your end customers, but give you a lift when you need it too.

6. Focused Payment Expertise

You and your team are smart. That said, you operate in a different space most of the time. Your best payment partner will have expertise it can apply to processing issues, keeping you from having to add more areas of expertise to your internal team.

7. Scalable Platform

You don't add processing as part of a plan to maintain the status quo. Your payment partner should be ready to grow with you. A platform that maximizes scalability can make a tremendous difference for your growth potential.

8. Stronger API Support

Beyond managing your current integration, the best partners provide API support to help you continue to develop your software applications. As you grow and develop, you should be able to count on your payment partner to keep up and even help you move forward.

Not all payment partners will deliver on everything you need for your ISV or VAR. You don't just need a new widget; you need a true partner ready to grow with you. Look for a payment company that delivers what you need for the present and for your future.

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8 Ways ISVs and VARs Can Benefit From the Right Payment Partnership

About the Author

Gigi Beyene, SVP, US Partners

With Nuvei since 2007, as an expert in strategic channel development and partnership management, Gigi’s collaborative techniques and leadership have helped ISOs both launch and grow successful merchant portfolios.

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