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7 Reasons Why Software Vendors Are Leveraging Payment Processing for New Revenue Streams

Mo Abdulai
AVP, Partnership Acquisitions

Independent software vendors (ISVs) rely upon sales and service contracts to survive and grow. To truly thrive, opening additional revenue streams can make all the difference. One of the biggest opportunities in that regard is payment processing.

Leveraging this capability in your software offering creates reliable revenue growth for your company. Here are 7 reasons how:

1. Boost Sales

B2B software solutions that offer built-in payment processing meet a need that every one of your clients has. Selling an integrated solution within your platform is a great way to reach customers who might otherwise go elsewhere.

2. Serve Customers Better

One of the biggest headaches businesses have is managing inflection points between systems. Your embedded payment processing solution solves this problem. Your clients can depend on the solution to work within your system, and easily find answers when something goes wrong.

3. Partnership for Growth

When you work with a payment processing partner to build out your solution, you increase not only the strength of your solution but the size and strength of your team. You gain a partner to help with sales, support, and internal technical solutions, all of which give you the stability you need to grow more effectively and efficiently.

4. Expert Support

The right payment partner delivers expert knowledge for the processing system you integrate into your software. This means you have expert help available to you and to your software customers. The right support, focused on the tool in place, lifts everyone to a higher performance level.

5. New Lead Generation

Every business needs payment processing. When you work with a dedicated payment partner, we help you generate leads for customers who will most immediately benefit from the marriage of your software with our payment solution. You will get your sales team in front of the right people more quickly.

6. Maintain Expert Focus

Perhaps the biggest concern organizations have with diversifying their offering is the dilution of expertise. Payment processing integration comes with a full support team able to handle the processing side of your offering. This lets you keep your focus on your core product, without sacrificing growth potential.

7. Enormous Revenue Potential

In the end, partnerships only make sense for you if they give you a path to revenue growth. When you embed payment processing into your software offering, you also create an automated revenue collection. Every time a customer processes payments through your software, you earn a portion of the fee. Keeping your software active across many clients adds up to a consistent, potentially lucrative additional revenue stream.

Software solutions continue to grow exponentially, with no sign of abating. Building payment processing into your product gives you a sales edge and a proven path to revenue growth. Learn how to integrate our solution into your product for consistent, reliable revenue streams.

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Mo Abdulai
AVP, Partnership Acquisitions
Associated with Nuvei for over 17 years, Mo is an experienced industry expert with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is responsible for the new acquisition of partners within the ISV, VAR and ISO space.

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