5 Ways ISOs Can Benefit By Using a CRM Software Solution

Running an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) requires an intense focus on your sales results. Everything you do should be focused on maximizing your revenue, and the efficiency with which you achieve it. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) software can help. By implementing a CRM solution, you can greatly improve your operational efficiency and your bottom line.

1. Stronger Leads

The beginning of your sales process will always be generating quality leads. Doing so by cold-calling or buying contact lists can be time-consuming and keep you from gathering the information you need to have quality leads. A strong CRM system can help you put together leads that count. You will use a data-driven process to maintain contacts for people and organizations who want to hear from you, along with information that helps your sales team target messaging to each contact.

2. More Organized Collaboration

When you have everyone working individually on sales work, efforts often overlap. You might repeat contacts, give conflicting messaging, or just duplicate efforts among your team members. A CRM allows you to coordinate by laying out tasks and letting your team divide them efficiently. This gives you less wasted effort and a more efficient process in working with each customer.

3. Administrative Cost Savings

Good CRM systems give you automated processes that reduce the time people need to put in on each customer account. When people are part of the process, the CRM organizes tasks in ways that minimize wasted time. As a result, you work through the critical background work of your ISO more quickly and at a lower cost. The savings drop straight to your bottom line, improving your profitability even before you boost your revenue.

4. Higher Revenues

That said, higher revenue should be the goal of any ISO. It not only makes your organization more profitable but also boosts commission income for all of your sales agents. Better leads and reduced administrative time combine to make for not only more sales calls, but more effective sales calls. The higher quality and higher volume almost can't help but ramp up your revenue stream.

5. Improved Client Relationships

While you watch your balance sheet, you can never lose focus on what makes your ISO successful: customer relationships. The CRM is about much more than sales. It helps you gather and update information on all of your clients, both the positive aspects of the relationship and the pain points those clients experience. All of this allows you to serve their needs more effectively, thus helping those relationships and your ISO performance grow over time.

The right CRM system can make everything you do better. Your performance still comes down to people, of course—both the people utilizing the CRM and the people working your sales process. Consider it not the complete solution for your ISO, but rather a powerful tool you can use to lift your entire team's performance.

5 Ways ISOs Can Benefit By Using a CRM Software Solution

About the Author

Gigi Beyene, SVP of Sales Channel Management

With Nuvei since 2007, as an expert in strategic channel development and partnership management, Gigi’s collaborative techniques and leadership have helped ISOs both launch and grow successful merchant portfolios.

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