10 Tools & Services Essential for Your SaaS Company to Thrive

Making the transition from software provider to software as a service provider requires planning and careful implementation strategy. Part of your planning should be making sure you have the components to round out the effectiveness of your product and service for clients. These ten tools and services can help you level up your offering.

1. Payment Processing

Being able to process payments in your platform is essential to giving customers what they need. You should offer a tool that runs payments directly through your software and integrates with the accounting systems your clients have in place.

2. Customer Relationship Management

CRM functionality gives your clients a 360-degree look at their customer relationships, from lead tracking to customer development and communications. Building this into your offering is essential to your clients getting the most from what you provide.

3. Recurring Billing

Any business with repeat customers needs recurring invoicing. Build this into your billing offering to help make your clients' lives easier with their most important customers.

4. Social Media App

Social media represents a key element of any marketing campaign. Building that functionality into your SaaS package helps make both your software and the client's marketing efforts more effective.

5. Video Marketing

Similarly, creating and generating marketing videos directly from your suite helps your clients produce more interesting material. Build in video components to help clients set themselves apart.

6. Email Marketing

With all the current tools for marketing a business, marketing emails still matter. A tool to collect, organize, and target email accounts for personalized marketing messages remains a powerful add-on for your platform.

7. Online Analytics

The most powerful SaaS platform does little good without your clients being able to track the results. Analytics apps allow them to understand their customers and their marketing results, and thus refocus and redirect when needed to maximize their efficiency.

8. Pricing

For some of your clients, pricing is more art than science. Building in pricing tools allows them to be proactive rather than reactive, and use market analytics to set price points that maximize profits and revenues.

9. Accounting

Your SaaS platform does more for your clients if it allows for a full range of accounting functionality. Instead of trying to iron out the wrinkles of making your software work with other accounting systems, add a more robust set of functions to let your clients manage their finances through your product.

10. Integration Support

That said, you are not replacing or reinventing your clients' entire system. By focusing part of your service on smoothing out integration into those systems, you help your clients work more effectively with your SaaS offering.

As you can see below, professional services within SaaS companies continue to exhibit annual growth. It is therefore important to devote adequate resources to this area of your product to ensure success moving forward.

Source: 2020 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark.

Moving into a SaaS space can be daunting but building out a more effective platform can help. Make sure you can give your clients what they need to get the most out of your product and service suite.

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10 Tools & Services Essential for Your SaaS Company to Thrive

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