10 Reasons Why Network Marketing Companies Are Expanding Globally

Network marketing has come a long way from relying on in-home gatherings. Today, growth opportunities have expanded across the globe. As you consider starting or expanding a network marketing business, you have a world of potential out there.

1. Ease of Communication

Communication across borders has become easier than ever. You can connect with prospective customers and team members by audio or video, more easily than bringing people into your living room.

2. Growth of Social Networks

Besides the ease of communication, social networks have made the world much smaller. Most active social media users gain friends and followers from all over the world. Network marketing can grow as a natural offshoot of the social connections you make.

3. Commission Opportunity

More sales mean more commissions. With the number of people available to you, it would be almost silly to ignore the growth opportunity. Growing your network marketing across borders means more income.

4. Downline Opportunity

Network marketing has always been about more than sales. Finding new downline team members makes the opportunity grow exponentially. Expanding into new markets makes this all the more enticing.

5. Product Appeal

A large portion of the network marketing companies thriving today are in the health, beauty, and wellness markets. These concepts have universal appeal; there is little cultural reason for them not to succeed across the globe.

6. Financial Stability

Even more than the products, the ability to achieve financial stability has appeal everywhere. People want to be secure, and network marketing offers the chance to achieve that.

7. Emerging Markets

The United States has long had network marketing, with broader participation every year. Across the world, though, the opportunity is newer in many emerging markets. This opens opportunities for your messaging to resonate powerfully for less jaded audiences.

8. Community-Level Appeal

One paradox of global expansion is the ability to improve lives on local levels. By helping people develop businesses in new locations, you give them a chance to lift and help people in their communities. You can improve local conditions immensely by reaching out.

9. Charity Opportunities

Many network marketing companies work to improve their image by contributing to charities where they have agents working. Growing your business can not only help you and your downline team members but improve the world wherever you connect.

10. Better Payment Technology

Finally, international opportunities grow as payment processing improves. The best payment partners work in multiple currencies and payment methods, enabling you to reach team members and customers that may have been unavailable before.

Network marketing creates broader opportunities than many take on. If you work with an effective payment partner, the potential is there to reach around the globe for your business growth. International growth presents its own challenges, but for the hungriest network marketing owners, few limits remain to building across borders.

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10 Reasons Why Network Marketing Companies Are Expanding Globally

About the Author

Scott Fitzpatrick, AVP, Direct Selling & Integrated Payments

With over 17 years of Networking Marketing and Direct Sales experience, Scott has been a frequent speaker on payment solutions, startup advice and risk management issues. A long-time DSA member, he is a fixture on the Direct Selling and the MLM industry circuits.

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